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Traditional Indian Mens Dresses PDF Print E-mail
Written by Ketan Surani   
Tuesday, 30 June 2009 13:14
Indian men look to live comfortable in villages. Generally famous mens traditional attire are kurtas, lungis, dhotis and pyjamas. A sherwani is generally wear for special occasions. Usually the lungi is worn in many parts of India like south India, but depending on the social practices of the region it may be restricted to indoor-wear.

Traditional Kurta Chudidar.

Kurta is a loose collarless shirt worn by both men and women. Generally, it’s worn with pajamas, a shalwar, or churidars. This ensemble also includes a bandi (short jacket or waistcoat) and a dupatta.

Kurta is a long comfortable garment, worn with Pajamas, usually accompanied by embroidery. It is an informal dress in India, but can be make formal depending on the design. The collections of our Kurta Pajamas truly represent the ultimate in traditional ethnic fashion. Kurta pajamas are available in variety of cuts and colors. Surani Designer Wear provides online catalogues of Kurtas Pajamas for Men, Ready-to-Wear Kurta Pajama, and Made-to-Order Kurta Pajama. Our collection of Men's Kurta Pajamas has set benchmarks in the industry

Traditional Sherwani

Sherwani is a typical Punjabi dress wearing in weddings. Sherwani is long coat, buttoned up to the collars. The Sherwani falls well below the knees and looks graceful especially for the tall groom. Sherwani gives a perfect look for the special occasions that make you different than others. Sherwani are available in different varieties and qualities but traditionally, the sherwanis worn are off-white.
Surani Deisgner Wear's sherwani is embellished with different artworks like embroidery, sequin work, bead work etc. We have the latest fashion dresses like sherwani and Jodhpuri dresses. Get the best sherwani / Jodhpuri designs at affordable prices. Find the latest fashions in men's and women's dresses on our web site. We have a huge collection of sherwanis.

Traditional Indian Dhoti Kurta

Dhoti kurta is the most traditional of all dresses worn by the men in India. If you ever see photographs of Indians, before, during and soon-after the independence era, you will find most of them wearing either the dhoti kurta or kurta pajama. Earlier dhoti kurta used to be a casual daily wear of the Indian men. But with the modernization of our society, it steadily got relegated to just formal clothing. However, there are still people, especially in the rural belts, who wear the dhoti-kurta on a regular basis.

Dhoti is a rectangular piece of unstitched cloth about five yards long, wrapped about the waist and legs and knotted at the waist. It is known by different names in different languages, like Mundu in Malayalam, Dhuti in Bangla, Veshti in Tamil, Pancha in Telugu, Dhotar in Marathi and Panche in Kannada. In North India, dhoti is worn in combination with a kurta top, which a long loose fitting shirt. The traditional wear of dhoti kurta is called Dhuti Panjabi in east India. This dress is different from a lungi, as in the latter, the cloth is stitched to form a circle. 

Dhoti kurta may have  its popularity in the modern day India, but it is still worn with a lot of dignity by the many prominent senior citizens, politicians, musicians, dancers and others. Worn on all important government and family occasions, the dhoti kurta is also allowed to be donned in post upscale clubs, which normally stipulate very stern dress code for guests. The one prominent Indian citizen who gets all credit for popularizing this attire beyond the Indian borders is Mahatma Gandhi.